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Ellen's latest rescue

Cottontail Rabbit rescue
This Cottontail Rabbit was attacked by a dog and when it ran across the road to escape, it was hit by a car. It then ran inside a local business for refuge. Fortunately, the people who run the shop were kind enough to capture the rabbit and bring it to me. It had some bad injuries and was in shock, but it's doing very well now. It is not yet ready for release because it needs to regrow the hair in the wounded areas before it can go back out into the wild. Ellen

Ellen's Latest Rescue

This young pigeon arrived after it was found sitting on the ground in someone's yard. It wasn't feeling well, and in addition, it had been attacked by a cat. It has been slowly recovering for the last three weeks and is finally showing signs of improvement. I believe the bird had a virus called Paramyxovirus, which caused it to feel very unsteady on it's feet and in addition it had no appetite so I had to tube-feed it throughout each day until it felt well enough to begin eating on it's own again. Pigeons, just like humans, are considered a "non-native species" because they didn't originate in the U.S. They are naturally mellow, sweet birds and behave in a very domesticated way. I hope you are able to see it's beautiful chocolate brown coloring in this photo. Some people might ask, "why save a pigeon?" My answer to that is; pigeons suffer just as much as any other animal or human and therefore deserve care and consideration. Ellen

Ellen (12-02-09)

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