Jareckie Designs®
Macro Photography

As the sun rises in the morning, a new and beautiful world can be seen through the macro lens. It feels much like entering a new universe as I crouch down in the tall grass and wildflowers to take photos. I witness things we don't usually see with the naked eye and it's truly a miraculous and awe inspiring world. The dewdrops don't last long once the warm rays of the sun begin to illuminate the plants, so I have to snap photos quickly in order to capture the sparkling water drops. Although it's somewhat strenuous to crouch down and hold as still as possible while taking photos, it's also incredibly tranquil to hear the morning bird songs and crickets singing while walking through the sunlit fields.

While many of the photos are taken at sunrise, others are taken after I place plants under water. The resulting air bubbles look much like dewdrops but you can usually tell the difference because the air bubbles are often more numerous (and some much larger) than dewdrops are. Photography is amazingly gratifying and engaging. It also allows me to see a unique world of beauty I'd never before witnessed until I began using a macro lens.

Ellen Jareckie

Jareckie Designs® Macro Photography &
Artist for www.house-mouse.com