Our Characters


Amanda is the most well behaved and mature of all of the mice. She has fawn colored fur and her ears are a bit large. She is very innovative and is always full of creative energy and ideas. She is always making sure that the mice behave...or at least she thinks she does.


Maxwell is reddish-brown and has a perpetually curled tail. He is a prankster who loves to play tricks whenever he can. Which is very, very often!


Mudpie has brown fur and a little nick in his left ear. Mudpie is really lazy. His two favorite activities are eating and sleeping. He's a true Mouse-potato.


Muzzy is funny! He has really long hair which is dark grey. He is very, very curious and extremely investigative.


Monica is gray with a teeny, tiny body and big feet!
She tends to be sweet, innocent and charming.